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Special Top Jaws


Without obligation, you can have your special workholding needs avaluated by Huron. We’ll analyze your equipment and manufacturing requirements to develop specific recommendations for workholding solutions and alternatives. Huron’s turning machine workholding experitise is yours, free. And this analysis can help you maximize profitability and minimize expense with cost-effective solutions to your overall quality goals.

Before making a recommendation for a workholding system, Huron experts study the part to be held and the turning operation required. We look for ways to streamline cycle times: using special jaws to eliminate a top jaw change, perhaps a quick-change chucking system or even a completely different approach.




  • Special Jaws Manufactured to Order

Huron’s in-house engineering department designs and manufactures custom jaws for special workholding needs. With our CAD/CAM systems and multiple CNC machining centers, Huron can produce and ship a set of custom jaws to meet your manufacturing needs.

  • The Huron Guarantee

Only Huron gives you over forty years of experience and backs every standard product with an exclusive satisfaction guarantee. While many suppliers offer just jaws or just certain chucks, they simply can’t offer the workholding expertise that Huron can.

Perhaps that’s why some of the biggest names in world-class manufacturing – who could use any worholding vendor they want – come to Huron. And stay with Huron. Perhaps that’s why your company should, too.