Custom Soft Jaws


Special custom chuck jaws are designed to add functions to a standard power or manual chuck. On short-run orders with limited quantities of parts. Special custom chuck jaws can be an excellent alternative to purchasing a Special Chuck. Special Chuck jaws can duplicate numerous Special Chuck functions like Quick-Change, Swivel Lock, Draw Down, Independent Adjustable and many more!




Huron’s in-house engineering department designs and manufactures custom jaws for special workholding needs. With our CAD/CAM systems and multiple CNC machining centers, Huron can produce and ship a set of custom jaws to meet your manufacturing needs.

What our Jaw & Chuck Specialist Needs to get Started:

  1. Chuck Make and Model Number
  2. Type of Chuck Jaw Soft jaw
  4. Number of pieces
  5. Delivery Requirements
  6. Desired Results
  7. Helpful Additions (Prints of Parts – Actual Parts)

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Altered Standard Chuck Jaws

Chuck Jaws that are only 1 or 2 dimensions different than the Chuck Jaws Standard Catalog dimensions and a print does not have to be generated or engineered.


Ex: The “B” dimension (the height) on a standard Soft Jaw is 2 inches and the customer request is 2.8 inches.


What our Jaw & Chuck Specialist Needs to get Started:

  1. Down Load Form

    Special Jaw Form 

  2. Fill out and Send to

The Huron Guarantee

Only Huron gives you over 70 years of experience and backs every standard product with an exclusive satisfaction guarantee. While many suppliers offer just jaws or just certain chucks, they simply can’t offer the workholding expertise that Huron can.

Perhaps that’s why some of the biggest names in world-class manufacturing – who could use any worholding vendor they want – come to Huron. And stay with Huron. Perhaps that’s why your company should, too.