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Serrate or Not?

Serrate or Not, That is the Question!
And some other tips!


We get a lot of customers that ask us serrated or not:

Harden serrated soft jaws with Diamond gripping serrations enhance the grip by penetrating the workpiece. When we evaluate a given design, the workpiece hardness and material is always factored in. Most of the time harden soft jaws with serrations are used for 1st operations. This is when the customers is getting aggressive with removing material. Hardened serrated soft jaws also last longer but we have assisted in several projects over the years were we use Fairlane Grippers. This is usually in a high volume production application with a casting style part.  The grippers can be adjusted to fit the workpiece.


Non-serrated griping serrated jaws or Soft Jaws are used in a second operation. When the workpiece needs to match the gripping surface. This allows the machinist to grip the workpiece without marring it.  Soft jaws come in several sizes and materials. Are standard off the shelf Soft Jaws covers 80% of the workholding applications. Encase were they do not we can design Special soft jaws to meet the specific application.


Whether using a Serrated Hard Jaw or Soft Jaw a close grip is recommended. Parts should be gripped as near the chuck face as possible to obtain maximum jaw force, minimize jaw yield, and reduce internal loading to enhance chuck life. We recommend that the jaw height not to exceed its length, and top jaw length should be the same as master jaw length. Grip diameters should exceed the diameter to be machined if possible. If this is needed then consider reducing machining forces. When gripping the workpiece always grip in the middle. Grip position of the top jaws should occur at approximately mid-stroke of the chuck. Never grip at the extreme inner limit of the jaw stroke.


So there is not a wrong answer to serrated or not. It’s more the
the application that dictates which one will work best for you.



Alan Garey
Huron Machine Products



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