Intermediate Jaw


Save Money by Using Your Existing Top Tooling with Your New or Existing Chucks


  • Be more flexible by adding to your chucks’ top tooling combinations.
  • Increase the height of standard jaws.
  • Increase the number of top jaw choices you want on your chuck.
  • Two or more styles of top tooling are made available to one or more chucks
  • You make the choice of top tooling used on your chuck.


Please specify Chuck: Type, Model No., Size, Mfg,

Style of Top Tooling… for old and new chucks.



1/16 X 90

3/32 X 90

1.5mm X 60

3mm X 60



Serrated on both sides T-Nut to mount the top jaw Specify: Serrations, Keyway width & height. 

Tongue & groove on chuck side Serrated on jaw side.
Specify: Chuck (tongue & groove), serrations, key width, total height

Serrated on chuck side, Tongue and groove on jaw side
Specify: Chuck (serrations), tongue & groove, total height.

Serrated on chuck side- key slot for Square & Acme serrations on jaw side.
Specify: Chuck (serrations), long slot, key slot, total height.