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Full Grip Advantage

Full Grip Jaws are designed to grip the part more effectively without distorting thin-walled or odd-shaped parts and are available in Aluminum (most popular) Cast Iron and Steel. Full Grip Jaws maintain a 360 degrees of contact giving you a greater accuracy so parts cannot distort.

Our 6 inch to 15 inch are manufactured from aluminum extrusions so there is no porosity, unlike other companies that us Castings. The lightweight of the aluminum enables the chuck to rotate faster enabling the chuck to turn faster with less wear and tear on your machine. The benefits of lighter weight enhances shop efficiency and utilization.

Only three points of contact around the part is achieved with standard soft jaws.  This constant chuck pressure could damage the part and at high rotations and the part could distort between the contact points. Soft jaws should not be utilized on thin-walled or odd-shaped parts without modification.

Full Grip Jaws can be used in over 60 % of all your turning operations. Concentricity’s and close tolerances are easily and consistently maintained.  Another benefit is machine and tool life are greatly extended due to more effective application of coolants and chuck pressure.


So if your next workholding project has thin-walled parts or odd shapes let us assist you in the right Full Grip Application so you get the maximum benefits in your manufacturing process.

Alan Garey

Huron Machine Products



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