Double Station Vises



For all of your, CNC Milling Machines needs whether heavy milling, boring, tapping, drilling, or grinding. These vises deliver the same proven accuracy every time. Improving on industry standards; These Vises are ultra-precision in flatness, parallelism and verticality.


• 10 Year Warranty


• Double station can clamp two
dissimilar workpieces with same
force at same time and provides 6
different clamping positions


•Clamping Force Equalization
(patented) ensures same clamping
force to clamp two different size/
shape workpieces and avoid
deflection and lift


•Lockwell Anti-Lift Mechanism
(patented) & Automatic Return
Mechanism (patented) ensures the


•Rigid and tensile ductile iron FCD-
60 (80,000PSI) vise body. Slide
surface flame hardened to HS65° to
maintain accuracy. S50C jaw-plate
has been Carburizing heat treated
the hardness to HRC54°


•Unique design facilitates the
evacuation of chips


•U.S.A. patented


• Compare to Kurt® Model HDL6J



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Item #: HM-224-006

6″ Double Station Vise