Collet Pad Jaws

Huron’s precision Collet Pad Top jaws and Collet Pads offer you an alternative workholding system for barwork. It provides more gripping power, concentricity, and versatility than the standard top jaw system. Huron’s collet pad top jaws and collet pads can change your lathe into a bar machine.

With only one cap screw necessary for each pad, these collet pads can be quickly changed, and you don’t have to remove the collet pad top jaws in order to load the pads.


Now add more gripping power to your workholding system!

Huron collet pad top jaws with round serrated collet pads, mounted on a Howa power chuck.

Collet Pad Top Jaws

Made from 1018 steel, Huron Collet Pad Top Jaws mount on a chuck the same way as Huron’s regular top jaws and are custom-made to fit virtually all chucks and collet pads used world wide.

TO ORDER: Give us your model number and either your maximum work diameter or your current collet pad part number. Call today to learn how Huron Machine Products keeps the world turning!

Collet Pads

Collet pads are available in four harden and ground styles: round smooth, round serrated, hex smooth and square smooth. Emergency blank soft collet pads are also available for machining just like standard soft jaws.

TO ORDER: Tell us your chuck model number, desired gripping style and work diameter.

Boring Instructions

To Ensure Accuracy, Follow these Instructions:

  1. Bolt your collet pad top jaw to your chuck.
  2. Position the pre-loading device between the jaws and hold the truing plate under pressure while you bore your jaws.
  3. Bore approximately .030″ off the I.D. Do not exceed .030″ material removal.
  4. Debur the bored area, remove the pre-loading device and bolt on your pads.