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Every time you change top jaws you incur downtime... downtime is expensive. The HURON System 3 Quick-Change Jaw Ststem reduces downtime to a minimum.

System 3 uses replaceable inserts that slip on and off the master jaws by simply tightening or loosening the allen screw. Inserts come either hard or soft. Repeatability is guaranteed to .001 or to your chuck's orignal manufacturer's specifications. The System 3 Quick-Change Jaw System is designeed for chucks 6" to 15". Huron will customize System 3 for chucks over 15" or for special applications.

Whether you are chucking small or large O.D. parts, System 3 Quick-Change Jaw Systme can greatly improve your chip time.

  • The System 3 Quick-Change Master Jaws bolt to your chuck like a standard top jaw. The Master Jaw is made out of 1018 steel case-hardened and ground to assure repeatability.

  • Top inserts are available soft or hard. Blank inserts are available in both mild steel and aluminum, and in different heights and lengths according to your application

 Quick Change Animation

Click here to download the 11 MB AVI Quick Change Jaw System animation file.

 Quick Change Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings with the System 3 Quick-change system

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